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Photography is like poetry. Both elicit emotions and interpretation.


Our photographers are also artists and use that perspective when doing photo shoots.


Our photography includes head shots, portraits, fashion, lifestyle, still life, commercial,

sports, action, stills at events we videograph, spontaneous, and posed.


Each project is custom designed, so the costs vary depending on the services and time involved. Krystal Productions works as efficiently as possible to meet your budget. Please call or email us for a free initial consultation and estimate.

  • Video Pre-Production

    Video Pre-Production

    We work in Partnership with You

    We listen to what you want: Your message, Your story, Your event, Your audience, Your budget, Your location, Your concerns, Your questions.



    Do you only have a ‘fuzzy’ idea of what you want? If so, that’s Okay.



    We have successfully worked with many clients who were not sure of what they wanted. We can quickly walk you through the options and create a video that you will absolutely love.



    Do you have a specific vision in mind? If so, that’s great.Our team will work with you on the details to design and plan a compelling video that matches your vision.Your satisfaction is our success We look forward to partnering with you to produce your special event and story.


  • Video Production

    Video Production

    Here is where YOUR event, message, or story comes ALIVE!

    We remove the stress and worry so that:


        You can be in and enjoy the moment;

        You can focus on and deliver your message; or

        You can tell your story with heart, feeling, and clarity.


    Prior to the event, we check all our equipment to make sure everything is functioning properly.


    Our Team arrives professionally attired at your chosen location before the event begins.



    We bring and strategically set up the cameras as well as any necessary lighting and audio equipment; taking care not to be a distraction during the event.



    Our videographers are artists who expertly capture the moments that bring your story to life; that portray the feelings; that clarify your message; that hold the attention of your audience and give them the sense of being there with you.


    We invite you to view examples of our work with other clients

    Remember, You are unique! We are here to serve Your video needs.


    If you don’t see a sample similar to the video that you need produced, please contact us. Let’s dialogue about your project and we can Krystalize it! We’ll do whatever we can to create your perfect video.


  • Video Post-Production

    Video Post-Production

    This is where YOUR recorded footage is transformed  into a captivating, high quality video.

    We use a variety of the latest video post production applications.


    Keeping the purpose and meaning of Your story and message in mind, our talented team edits the digital footage to best showcase You.


    You receive a professionally created product:


            A timeless, high definition keepsake that can be watched, shared, and

            experienced over and over.


            A documentary that delivers your message with clarity and feeling.


            An affordable training video to use with your employees.


            A video to imbed on your website to make it more personable and help

            you develop a relationship with your visitors so they become clients.


            A video of your event to post on your website, gift to donors, or use to

            raise additional funds.


    Photo Montage


            Have you ever considered putting your photos in a digital montage with

            music and motion?


            We can affordably reformat your photos – wedding, vacation, birthdays,

            life story, and special events on a DVD and bring life back to those cherished



           We will do it with artistic style and sensitivity. You choose the captions and

            your favorite music.

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